Just run like a model

Wazier Bassadien (left) with Dilshaad, Ayesha and Haseenah (in purple).

Wazier Bassadien (left) with Dilshaad, Ayesha and Haseenah (in purple).

Our journey started 5 months ago (April 2015) when we decided to become part of the LOA-Itheko family. The three of us hated running with a passion but thought that would be our last resort to losing weight and becoming healthy.

It was the evening of the 6th of April that we found ourselves standing inside the Rygersdal Sports Club building with so many experienced runners and we were amongst a handful of beginners.

Coach Farouk Meyer eventually screams out “RIGHT we need to get going people”. Shortly after that all the groups were gone out and we were left behind with coach Farouk Meyer. He welcomed us, spoke about the club, the running gear and the do’s and don’ts of running. It surprised us to learn that Itheko welcomed runners of all levels, ages and sizes which was fortunate for us at the time because we could not run to save our lives and were on the very chubby side.

It was time to go onto the road. Coach Farouk Meyer took us to the Rondebosch Common where we walked for a few minutes and then started running slower than what we walked. Our calves were on fire but we kept going because coach would say “you can do it, chin up, shoulders back, breath and run like a model.” We eventually got back to the clubhouse and were quite surprised that we actually ran.

Wednesday evening came and we were back at the clubhouse. That was the evening we thought we were going to die as the first time running up a hill was foreign to our bodies. We made it to the top of the hill and back to the clubhouse in one piece only because coach Wazeer Bassedien made us do what we thought was impossible. We never gave up because he was behind us every step of the way.

It was the support of the coaches and members that made us not give up and move forward. Up to date we have achieved a combined weight loss of 45kg’s within 5 months, which we could never shed over the past 10 years. We’re definitely running like models now and enjoying it every kilometer of the way.

All credits goes out to LOA-Itheko and the coaches because their open arms have inspired us to reach beyond our self perceived limits.

Thank you coach Farouk Meyer, Wazier Bassadien, Isgaak Slamdien, Fatima Van De Rheede, Armien Fakier, Reyadh Jacobs, Fagri Jacobs and all the coaches for helping us build confidence and self esteem.

Thank you for aiding us in losing the weight we carried as protective barriers.

Thank you for giving us something to strive toward, reach and celebrate.

Thank you for the hard, humbling runs because we know that these are the ones that taught us the most.

Thank you for teaching us that passing the joy of running on to others will be our greatest reward in life.

And, finally thank you for always being there, whether fast or slow, sunshine or rain, short or long. Your presence is a gift in our lives and for that we are grateful.

We look forward to always being part of the LOA-Itheko family.

Happy Running!!!!!
Ayesha, Haseenah and Dilshaad