Fun On The Gun Run

Zainub Emeran and Emilio Nomdo pose for a selfie after their epic Gun Run.

Zainub Emeran and Emilio Nomdo pose for a selfie after their epic Gun Run.

A’salaams Coach Farouk

We’ve shared quite a few words in this short space of me joining the club nearly 2 months ago. You’ve given me invaluable advice and shared the best of your knowledge and for that I’m truly grateful. However I need you to know that not only you, but the rest of the coaches who also take their time out volunteering, training us from our first baby steps out on the road – ethics, how to manage time, breathing, & most of all my favorite… HOW TO HAVE FUN!

For years I was told NOT to run by my orthopedist due to torn & degenerative L4 & L5 discs. I’ve listened then but felt I needed to try running since it’s worth a shot, right. But now since I’m running I’ve discovered a new love. I’ve actually fallen in love again, this time with a physical sport & with new people i got to meet & it feels as if I’ve adopted new family. That’s what we are, family. I never knew this was possible & at this point I’m so comfortable with how I run & importantly it doesn’t matter who I run with cause WE FAMILY are always having fun!

Today (at the Gun Run) I ran my fourth 10km race since I started with Itheko. I ran my PB (1hr18min) with coach Riyaad. I ran next to him from the very start to the finish. I’d like to take the liberty of thanking him sincerely from the bottom of my heart for keeping me encouraged & motivated & for not leaving me behind when nearly towards the end I found myself stepping back a bit. But Riyaad & the few guys I ran with were absolutely phenomenal. I was the only female running with Riyaad & the guys, lol. So a huge Shukran to them all for their patience. I owe them a platter now, lol.

Sadly I won’t be present at practice tomorrow night as I’m on duty at work, but I do hope I get to take my PB pic with you on Wednesday night instead. However, I’m bringing another 3 special guests to the club tomorrow night: my husband Achmat Emeran, my eldest daughter Aa’ishah Emeran & a very good friend Muhzaid. Insha Allah. I trust they will be in your capable hands & fantastic care as always.

May each & all of you continue to grow from strength to strength & keep each of you under safe guidance protection & may you stay on the path of all good you do with us Insha Allah Ameen….

Shukran once again to you & all our coaches. PROUDLY ITHEKO!

Lots of Love Light & Laughter
Zainub Emeran (better known as Zee)