Kids Athletics

iTheko Kids Athletics Development Program

The program caters for children 7-13 years of age and adopts a Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) approach. Through this program, significant emphasis is placed on the importance of early growth and development in sport by assisting individuals to reach their full potential and placing much importance on the ABC’S (Agility, balance, coordination & speed) as a fundamental requirement of sports performance.

  • Agility – the ability to change direction in an efficient and effective manner.
  • Balance – The ability to maintain equilibrium when stationary or moving.
  • Coordination – the ability to control the movement of the body.
  • Speed – the ability to move all or part of the body quickly.

Our kids are currently involved in the following programs:

1. Kids Athletics
The Kids Athletics Program was developed by the IAAF with the aim of introducing young children to athletics in a basic, attractive, accessible and instructive manner. The objectives of the program are to introduce kids to all aspects of athletics in a non-threatening, fun way that is specific to the ages of the children. Instead of merely mimicking adult athletics, the Kids Athletics Program is competed in teams and allows each child to participate in each event without being judged or measured against his/her teammates. The Kids Athletics Program introduces kids to all concepts of athletics – Running, Jumping and Throwing.

2. Cross Country
Cross Country provides a great introduction to longer distance running and team building. Participation during the winter season will keep athletes in excellent cardio shape and on rough terrain and hills will strengthen their legs.

3. Middle and long distance running
The fitness levels reached through the above programs enable the kids to participate in road running events up to 5km. The annual highlights being the shorter distances offered at the “The Jive Slave Route Challenge” and the “Two Oceans Marathon” event.

4. Junior Trail Running
We occasionally head for the mountain slopes and trails around our city. Although this is strictly off road running it is very popular with the kids. It excites their sense of adventure and is both educational and a huge builder of character and responsibility.

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