Itheko Rocks Redhill

Classic Itheko formation running.

Classic Itheko formation running.

Redhill is a little mountain pass that connects Scarborough with Simon’s Town and the rest of Cape Town. It takes all of about ten minutes to get up one side and down to the other side. Doing it on foot is another matter entirely.

That though did not deter runners from tackling the Redhill Classic and Marathon that started at the Fish Hoek sports complex and saw runners do a round-trip through some of the more scenic routes in the Cape Peninsula.

The first climb of the day greeted the runners in Kommetjie. The steep, short climbs tested the runners as they were watched from the shady cliffs by the local wildlife, the baboons. They in turn were being watched by rangers who were armed with paintball guns.

The runners had a welcome cooling ocean breeze as they cruised through Kommetjie, Misty Cliffs and Scarborough before hitting the short climb up to Redhill. At the fork in the road the marathoners went right, doing a 6km loop before starting on Redhill. The climb is gradual but long and once they have summited they start the long, winding descent to the Main Road and the long slog back to the Fish Hoek sports complex.

Results on the day saw Itheko’s Wanda Roro capture his third podium in as many races with a third place finish in the 36km race. Fortunate Chidzivo took second in the women’s 36km race while Itheko walked off with the men’s team prize in the 36km race as Roro lead in Tom Lusaseni (4th), Avikile Ntongana (5th) and Babalo Hambi (7th, who has also stepped up from the junior category).

Well done to all the Itheko athletes who finished on the day.

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